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Flexiplak natural stone slabs: The new era of interior design.

Discover how to create harmonious, fresh and modern spaces with Flexiplak, our new product. Flexiplak natural stone laminates, with a thickness of 1 mm and 2 mm, are the perfect solution for interior or exterior design. Learn more about this innovative option that allows you to take full advantage of the properties of stone in your spaces.

¿What is Flexiplak

They are natural stone sheets composed of fiberglass and polyester, with an amazing flexibility and strength. Their thinness allows them to adapt easily to any interior or exterior space, offering great dimensional stability. Thanks to their resistance to sudden changes in temperature, they do not stain over time. The stone laminates keep their surface intact without deteriorating. In addition, their fireproof properties make them safe and reliable, as they are not flammable and do not spread fire.


Advantages of Flexiplak:

The flexibility and strength of the sheets provide several outstanding advantages. Their easy handling and installation allows them to be easily adapted to curved areas. One of the biggest advantages is that you will be using 100% natural stone in your spaces, which adds an authentic and durable touch. In addition, Flexiplak planks are resistant to ultraviolet rays, which prevents deterioration due to the passage of time or inclement weather.




Process of installation:

This varies depending on the material on which we are going to install the sheet. It is important to make sure that the surface is completely clean and smooth to achieve a uniform adhesion of the stone. If necessary, the size can be cut and adjusted with metal scissors.

Revitalize your spaces with Flexiplak. We're not only revolutionizing interior and exterior materials, but also transforming the way we see and work stone. With flexible sheets of natural stone, your spaces will be fresher, more versatile and modern. Discover how you can incorporate Flexiplak into your interior and exterior design projects.


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