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Sustainable and natural design: Trends for an eco-friendly environment

Innovative, warm and fun spaces are still possible. This time we will explore the trends of the sophomore season, which you can install and enjoy yourself.

In an increasingly conscious world, we seek to connect with nature and sustainability. With the problem of climate change, it’s vital to avoid deforestation and the destruction of land for construction . Therefore, this second half of the year brings with it numerous eco-friendly options and the reuse of materials.

We can find natural elements, not only in plants, but also in WPC panels. These panels, which resemble wood, are environmentally friendly, as they are composed of synthetic particles and wood fibers. Besides, no maintenance required, are easy to install, and provide a natural finish to our spaces.

A trend featured in 2023 is the use of the colors and finishes similar to stone. These contrast harmoniously with the WPC panels, creating a chromatin pallet that brings elegance and distinction to the spaces.

The walls will come to life through tactile experiences with natural slates, more accessible on the market. These sheets stand out for their high resistance and variety of colors, allowing us to introduce natural elements in a personalized and sustainable way in our spaces.

As for the decorative elements, a very interesting trend is to incorporate handcrafted pieces that respect and value tradition. The botanic colors in textiles, wool and ceramics offer versatile options to add a special touch.

Bet on open spaces with personality and authenticity, using finishes and materials that adapt to the needs of both the interior and exterior. This will allow you to enjoy and rest without wasting time.


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